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Recreating Kaskaskia in Banished

I've been searching recently for some type of video game that focuses on the 18th century North American fur trade. That game doesn't seem to exist (yet) but I stumbled across a game called Banished, first released several years ago by Shining Rock Software, an independent developer of one man. I remember seeing the trailer for the game before it came out but apparently forgot about it since then. I decided to go ahead and try it since there is mod for the game called Colonial Charter: Journey. If you're into this type of genre then I would definitely recommend Banished. It would be fantastic if later versions included soldiers for the fort and natives. No, my settlement is not to scale. No, it's not 100% accurate. It's still a nice change from the first-person shooters that have taken over the video game market.
Here's my attempt at recreating a village in the Mississippi Valley during the French colonial regime.

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