Fort Osage National Historic Landmark

Fort Osage is located in Sibley, MO in Jackson County. The structures that now sit on the site of the original fort were reconstructed between 1948-1965. According to the fort's NRHP nomination form filed with the National Park Service, "Fort Osage was the first outpost of the United States in the Louisiana purchased territory. It was established in 1808 by William Clark for the protection and promotion of trade with the Osage Indians. [...] The fort was closed during the War of 1812 and was regarrisoned in 1815. In 1822, the trading house was closed due to the abandonment of the factory trading system by the Government." By 1827, the rest of the fort was completely abandoned.

Near the entrance to Fort Osage.

A view of the Factory.

Furs waiting to be appraised inside the Factory.

Goods for sale inside the Factory.

This building is a personal favorite. The Interpreter's Cabin housed the man who spoke French, English, and Osage, the three most common languages that were heard in the fort.

Painting of an Osage by George Catlin. He was named Shin-ga-was-sa, or Handsome Bird. (Photo taken at Missouri's American Indian Cultural Center)

Bunks in the Soldiers' Huts.

An education center is located next to the fort. On the bottom floor, this dugout canoe is on display. It was found on the Big Blue River and is believed to be around 200 years old.

There are many events that take place at the fort during the year. The "Star-Spangled Banner" flutters in the wind on the Fourth of July, 2013.

View of Fort Osage below the bluffs that overlook the Missouri River.

Two living history interpreters converse on the porch of the Factory during the Grand Festival de Chez les Canses.

A living history interpreter carries out the daily activities of an Osage woman during the Grand Festival de Chez les Canses.

An interpreter tends the pot in a kitchen below the main floor of the trade house during the Grand Festival de Chez les Canses.

I like to take part in the fun sometimes, too.


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